About XSKY

XSKY Beijing Data Technology Corporation Limited is a China based technical company focusing on software-defined-infrastructure products and services. Funders are from China's top Cloud Service Providers and leading IT/CT vendors' ex-RD team. XSKY builds internet carrier operation experience, mainstream open-source technology, and enterprise best practices into the products, offering customer future-ready scale-out storage solutions. It is also a major committer to open-source storage system Ceph. XSKY ranks top 3 in world wide and #1 China of source code contribution in Ceph community. It is the only storage solution partner of Red Hat China. Early adopters for XSKY products are from FSI, transport, telecom, and energy segments. XSKY partners with leading IT companies including Intel, Samsung, Dell, Mellanox et al, focusing on SDS layer, and make win-win with global end user.


For storage innovation on next generation IA components.

For breaking the inter-connection bottle-necks in software-defined-storage.

For unleashing perfmance from cutting-edge storage media.

For integration of high grade SDS turn-keys to enterprise users.