One-stop to Build Enterprise Storage Cloud

with XSCALER™3000

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SDS Appliance for Large-scale Storage Scenarios

XSCALER™3000, built as SDS appliance, is offered by XSKY for large-scale enterprise storage applications. It combines leading software-defined technologies with best practices to build storage cloud with highly-performed, highly-extended and highly-reliable storage products.


XSCLAER™ is a literal combination of XSKY and SCALER. XSKY gets insights into users’ pain points when transferring from legacy storage to SDS. Therefore, XSKY combines its best practices and converged appliance to help users achieve digital transformation with higher performance, lower cost, accelerated value to business and throughout-lifecycle services.


Built with the industry Top 3 SDS product


· Support up to 4096 nodes


Data reliability



Dedicated for
Large-scale Scenarios

· Support up to 4096 nodes, with linear growth of capacity and performance

· Provide enterprise storage service at EB level

· Cloud-native platform for cloud applications


Stable and Reliable
To Ensure Business Continuity

· Data safety is ensured with comprehensive protection policies and reliable design

· Active/active solution ensures instant data recovery at datacenter level

· Business non-awareness for expansion on-the-fly


Easy to Build
Enterprise Storage Cloud

· One-stop to build datacenter

· Fast to install and deploy

· Throughout-lifecycle services

Typical Scenarios


Cloud Computing







Product Features

Feature Description
Cluster size Support 3-4096 nodes
Data Redundancy 2-6 replications and EC policies to achieve data reliability at different levels
Multi-level Fault Domain Server, rack and data center
Smart Cache Read and write performance improved with enhanced pre-read algorithm and hierarchical cache
LUN and Snapshot Management Automatic thin provisioning, LUN clone and ROW snapshot
Enterprise-level QoS Support business QoS and recovery QoS to balance performance on demand
Virtualization Effectively support VMware/Citrix/Microsoft virtualization technologies
HA of Storage Linkage Support iSCSI and FC multi-path and iSCSI virtual IP to ensure business continuity
VDI Cache Acceleration Apply VDI cache acceleration to specific LUN to deal with VDI storm
Consistency Group Snapshot A collection of all snapshots created by multi-LUN at the same time in the same scenario
Scale-out on-the-fly Support file system scale-out on-the-fly
Quota Management Quota management of quota trees under file system
Multi-cluster Support Support multi-cluster access under OpenStack scenario for larger capacity
Automatic Provisioning Automatic deployment and one-click to install with 100% GUI
Visualized Operation Guide One-click to configure all resources with visualized operation guide
RESTful API Use REST interfaces for seamless business connection
Administration Interface Support 100% GUI admin interface and CLI

* Above features are only for reference, the actual features depend on software version selected

Product Specifications

Feature Description
Optional HW bare capacities for one node 60 TB / 80 TB / 120 TB / 144 TB
Optional protocols XCBS / XEBS / XEUS / XEOS / XEDP V4

Optional: 3/5-year 7*24*4 platinum service for HW

Software services depend on the version selected

* Above specifications are only for reference; the actual specification depends on HW and SDS software version selected