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To achieve high performance, large scale and high SLA

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User Requirements

Open-source and Interoperability

The open source-based cloud platform has obtained attention since it was born. With healthy ecosystem of standard IaaS constructed by OpenStack and other open-source community, vendors who are in pursuit of project agility, technical force aggregation and long-term self-controlled product leverage such open-source framework as main architecture for “Cloud OS”of scaled IaaS to build enterprise dedicated cloud or cloud platform for application industry.

Full-distributed Architecture

To realize VM block mirror management, mirror warehouse and data backup, major part of users select Ceph as underlying storage module for Cloud scenarios with KVM. Ceph is a mainstream open-source distributed storage platform which is widely used by large-scale internet and HP computing carriers and is now in vigorous development. The community led by Ceph foundation provides good technical ecosystem with deep involvement of various HW and OS leading vendors, ensuring the advantage of Ceph modules technology and outstanding interoperability among vendors.

Production and SLA

However, the adoption of native Ceph by enterprises is limited by the following problems:

  • Operations and maintenance are conducted by command lines to a large extend, presenting obvious low-efficiency
  • Deficient integration with enterprise-level HW and application ecosystem, highly depending on development
  • Lower level of single-point performance and SLA compared to traditional storage

Product Value

XCBS(XSKY Cloud Block Storage)存储是由 XSKY 开发的企业级分布式存储产品,对开源云环境做了深度优化。 相比社区版上游软件,XCBS 分布式存储系统在稳定性、性能、可靠性、易用性等方面进行了深度优化,实现可视化、自动化运维, 为大规模云环境提供了可靠的存储基础架构支撑。



Deep mutual authentication with open-source cloud platform vendors, deployed as hyperconvergence or storage pool


Dramatically reduce IO latency and linkage jitter compared to community Ceph with the same HW configuration


Visualized DevOps and troubleshooting and fine cluster management at HW-level

Interactions with Open Source Community

  • Ceph Jewel in 2016: XSKY ranked Top 3 in global source code contribution to Ceph
  • Ceph Luminous in 2017 : The only Asian team in Top10 contribution to performance optimization
  • Ceph Kraken in 2017: Haomai Wang,CTO of XSKY, was nominated as the only featured developer
  • XSKY contributed InfiniBand RDMA as an interconnective support to Ceph
  • AS one of Intel's SPDK partners in China, XSKY plays a leading role in integrating SPDK and BlueFS to improve storage efficiency with NVMe
  • In2018, XSKY participated in the establishment of Ceph foundation and became a top member



  • 接口上长时间 100% 兼容社区版 Ceph
  • 优化重构 RBD 接口,云平台和存储独立升级
  • 丰富的 RESTful API 接口,多种平台对接
  • 通过 RBD 接口纳管开源 Ceph 的卷,无缝迁移 Ceph数据


  • 网络/硬盘处理效率以及 IO 路径深度优化
  • SSD 智能缓存,数据分层写入,提升性能
  • 专利技术的 LibRBD 汇聚代理,单客户端性能提升20%,每节点 CPU 利用率降低 40%
  • 创新性的 IO 聚合,将随机小块 IO 聚合成顺序大块IO ,在大压力高并发的情况下提供稳定的 IO 性能

Agile delivery with simplified DevOps

  • 向导式安装部署,快速扩容升级,AI辅助运维
  • 100% 可视化界面运维操作
  • 日志/告警功能端到端全指标监控
  • 支持 OpenStack 跨集群虚拟机和存储在线迁移
  • 支持自助巡检工具,对集群健康状况进行智能分析,提前识别系统潜在隐患
  • 支持自定义闲时自动重平衡,对因为扩容缩容等导致不均衡的 OSD 自动进行重平衡,减少 OSD 不均衡带来的影响

Storage features of enterprise level

  • 支持 IO 级别数据校验,防止磁盘静默错误
  • 卷在线扩容与缩容、卷自动精简配置、QoS 实时更改,适应客户存储管理复杂场景
  • ROW 无损即时快照、延展集群实现数据高可靠及高可用
  • 硬盘和网络亚健康处理,自动识别坏盘、慢盘和网络故障,并自动隔离

User Benefits


No change on architecture, seamless replacement of open-source Ceph


Dramatic improvement on performance, reduction on O&M complexity and lower TCO


Enhanced enterprise features for higher security


Online migration solution for seamless data migration from Ceph to XCBS

Use Cases


Compatible Cloud Platforms

Rich cloud-native protocols provide persistent block storage service as well as object storage service to diverse data types.