THE Distributed Block Storage for Enterprise Applications

Support multi-path SAN connection to multi-virtualization, database and container platform

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Traditional distributed storage solves the problem of capacity limits and scale-out capability of dedicated storage devices under large capacity and cold data scenarios. However, it cannot smoothly replace the traditional SAN storage in terms of the adaptability breadth to application scenarios, the complexity of operation and maintenance management and TCO. Users need innovativeness as well as enterprise-level block storage features to support VMware, Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft, K8s,etc.

Product Value

XEBS(XSKY Enterprise Block Storage)is a professional distributed block storage product offered by XSKY. Based on the "shared-nothing" architecture, it supports FC and iSCSI, and fully authenticates with AIX, Linux, Windows applications and enterprise-level virtualization technologies such as VMware and Citrix.


Professional APIs and Enhanced Reliability

  • Support a full range of IP-based iSCSI command words and the most widely used FC by professional storage devices
  • Redundant design of key IO paths and management control modules, supporting multi-path MPIO or VIP, active/active access, ensuring high system availability and fast switch
  • 支持即时 ROW 快照、克隆、复制、自动精简配置、卷在线扩容与缩容、延展集群、云备份、多种服务质量(QoS)控制等企业级高级功能特性,适应企业存储管理的各种复杂场景需求和流程。
  • 实现了卷级的QoS(Quality of Service)设置,用户可对存储卷设定 IOPS 阈值限制,以及性能突发状况时的限制,以保证存储各客户端取得一致的性能体验。不仅如此,还支持对存储卷的 QoS 进行实时更改,更好地帮助管理员和上层应用开发人员动态调配性能资源,以应对潮汐式的应用场景。

Optimized Performance Based on Best Practices

  • 与主流 NVMe 闪存技术相结合,并优化 IO 路径,单节点可达数万 IOPS,提供高性能多级Cache存储加速引擎,包括 RAM、SSD 两级 Cache,其中 RAM Read Cache 采用具有专利技术的增强型预读算法,提升系统读性能;
  • SSD R/W Cache offers smart IO algorithm to greatly improve system R/W performance for OLTP
  • 创新性的 IO 聚合,将随机小块 IO 聚合成顺序大块 IO,在大压力高并发的情况下提供稳定的 IO 性能,且完美支持 EC;
  • 基于各种企业级虚拟化场景下的交互最佳实践:OpenStack 生态的无缝对接,VMware VAAI 就绪,通过 VMware Ready 和 Citrix Ready 认证;
  • XSKY best practices for container with certified CSI-iSCSI driver

Enhanced Easy-of-use and Manageability

  • Rich visual management functions and comprehensive management processes help users achieve rapid resource creation, installation, deployment and expansion, and enable users to easily control the complexity of distributed storage hardware
  • The tiered design of the fault domain and storage pool allows users to easily cope with resource planning and critical application partitions
  • 硬盘和网络亚健康处理,自动识别坏盘、慢盘和网络故障,并自动隔离;
  • Rich RESTful APIs, command line, SSD life prediction, S.M.A.R.T., operation log, system log and multi-level alert function help users quickly locate and solve emergencies in cluster

Typical Scenarios


Meet the unified storage demand of enterprise-level virtualization platforms including VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix to simplify architecture and eliminate data islands.


Support the performance and capacity requirement of OLTP and OLAP database, reducing uneven distribution and building a flexible and in-control data resource pool.

Mainstream Container

Support of latest container ecosystem with certified CSI-iSCSI driver.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect private and public cloud to construct a hybrid cloud and support data backup from private cloud to public cloud on demand.

Use Cases


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