Mass, Efficient and Value-added Object Storage

Storage for mass unstructured data with no limit on scale and location

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Object Storage-Born for Mass Data

With the rapid development of cloud, big data, mobile Internet and social networks, the unstructured data in the enterprise information system have shown explosive growth. However, the original distributed file storage (Scale-out-NAS) cannot meet the needs of users due to the restrictions of performance bottlenecks in scenarios of massive small files, data sharing across regions, multi-level folder access, concurrent performance, etc. Choosing a more suitable storage system and architecture has become an important part of the digital transformation of enterprises.

IDC: Data scale will reach 40ZB in 2020 and more than 163ZB in 2025.

Object storage is a simpler and more flexible solution for data storage, which can provide enterprises with economical and comprehensive underlying infrastructure for their information construction. It features scalability, advanced data storage and management, which effectively eliminates the limitations of traditional file storage. Meanwhile, it meets the requirements of cross-regional access on demand, so that enterprises can manage massive unstructured data safely and easily.

为什么选择 XSKY 星辰天合

The latest IDC report of "2020 Q4 China SDS Market Overview" shows that, XSKY ranks second in the Chinese object storage market and has ranked first among professional software-defined storage vendors for 4 consecutive years. It has a large number of customer cooperation cases, experience in perfect enterprise-level object storage construction and leading technologies.

China SDS Object Level Market Overview, 2020

Source: IDC 2020Q4 China SDS Market overview

Product Value

XEOS (XSKY Enterprise Object Storage)builds a cost-effective storage architecture based on industry standard X86 servers with leading storage technology, which is infinitely scalable, continuously online and geographically accessible. It ensures data safety, meanwhile eliminating scale and geography restrictions, reducing the investment of enterprise IT construction and meeting the multi-sourced storage requirements generated by new business forms.


Infinite Scale

  • Eliminate scale and geography restrictions, provide a global namespace and integrate storage systems in different locations on demand to achieve near-read
  • The expansion of the entire pool enables business non-awareness with no change on the way the user invokes data, avoiding the negative impact of data rebalancing and bucket effect on business
  • Decoupling of software and hardware, supporting heterogeneous deployment of physical devices to meet hardware device upgrade requirements in the future

Persistent Protection

  • Reliable offering of three-site to achieve fault domain at datacenter-level and disaster recovery
  • EC, replica and fault domain mechanisms protect the overall security of data from node level, rack level and data center level failures;
  • Protect the security of enterprise data and ensure compliance with requirements using data encryption, multi-version, WORM, anti-theft chain, fine-grained authority control, log audit and other technologies;
  • Treatment of sub-health of hard disk and network, and automatic identification of bad disk, slow disk and network failures with automatic isolation.

Efficient Access

  • Excellent distributed algorithms to maximize hardware performance and linearly-increased performance to meet performance growth needs in the future
  • Packed small files improve the I/O performance of small files and better utilize the space
  • Reasonable equalization algorithms can realize the equalization of resources used and greatly improve the overall reading and writing performance of the system;
  • Data are automatically classified into tiers of hot data, warm data and cold data according to strategies and flow for efficient access with optimal cost.

Smart Ecosystem

  • 面向 S3 用户的图形化 Web 应用程序,帮助客户降低使用 XSKY 星辰天合对象产品的门槛;
  • A comprehensive ecosystem, compatible with legacy applications, cloud-native and data mining
  • Data lifecycle management create value from mass unstructured data
  • Leverage metadata, custom tags and other information to achieve elastic search and classification, supporting big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and custom data attributes

Data Processing

  • Support more than a dozen picture processing functions such as zoom control, cropping, format conversion, watermarking, rotation and quality adjustment;
  • The whole processing of all pictures is completed in the object storage, which reduces the interactive logic at the business end and improves the utilization rate of hardware resources;
  • Flexible use in multiple modes of S3 API, OSS SDK, AWS SDK, and XSKY S3 Console;
  • Flexible extension with operation of picture processing service on the gateway of each object storage with flexible, high concurrent load and high service availability.

Nanotube for Recycling

  • The technical scheme of object recovery meets the demand of accessing recycling data in storage nanotube. Fast switching between businesses is realized and the input cost of new storage for users is reduced.
  • The technology of reverse reconstruction of layered data is used to meet the requirements of recycling storage in storage nanotube, such as deletion and updating of recycling data, and reduction of overall input cost of enterprises;
  • Online migration of heterogeneous storage data, unified storage and management of data, and reduction of operation complexity and cost of multiple sets of storage;
  • Meet the scenarios of third-party object and file storage recycling, traditional storage architecture transformation, unstructured data live migration, storage data CDN cache acceleration, etc.

Typical Scenarios

Mass Data Storage and High Concurrent Access


Backup and Archiving

Unified management of Blu-ray library and tape library can achieve integrated optical and magnetic solution, and seamless connection to various backup software for overall backup and archiving.

Small Files

Flat namespace with no performance choke by "directory tree", effectively improving the access efficiency to large files and easily realizing fast R/W and search of small files of 100-billion level

AI, Big Data

Seamless connection to TensorFlow, Spark and Hadoop, supporting to customize storage with rich APIs and SDK

Use Cases