Mass, Efficient and Value-added Object Storage

Storage for mass unstructured data with no limit on scale and location

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Object Storage-Born for Mass Data

With the fast development of cloud, big data, mobile internet and social networks, unstructured data has exploded. However, the existing distributed file storage fails to satisfy uses’ requirements due to the performance choke in mass small file, cross-region data share, multi-level folder access, concurrent performance and other scenarios. It becomes a key part to choose a more fitting storage system and architecture in enterprise's digital transformation.

IDC: Data scale will reach 40ZB in 2020 and more than 163ZB in 2025.

Object storage is a simpler and more flexible data storage solution that provides an affordable and comprehensive underlying infrastructure. The advanced data storage and management functions of object storage effectively eliminate the limits on namespaces, folder hierarchy, performance, scalability and concurrency, meanwhile it supports on-demand access across regions and ensures safer and easier management on mass unstructured data.


According to IDC “China SDS and HCI Market Track Report”, XSKY has been Top 1 in China object storage market for 11 consecutive quarters since 2017Q2, with large quantity of use cases and perfect experience to construct enterprise object storage with industry-leading technologies.

China SDS Object Level Market Overview, 2019

Source: IDC 2019Q4 China SDS Market overview

Product Value

XEOS (XSKY Enterprise Object Storage)builds a cost-effective storage architecture based on industry standard X86 servers with leading storage technology, which is infinitely scalable, continuously online and geographically accessible. It ensures data safety, meanwhile eliminating scale and geography restrictions, reducing the investment of enterprise IT construction and meeting the multi-sourced storage requirements generated by new business forms.


Infinite Scale

  • · Eliminate scale and geography restrictions, provide a global namespace and integrate storage systems in different locations on demand to achieve near-read
  • · The expansion of the entire pool enables business non-awareness with no change on the way the user invokes data, avoiding the negative impact of data rebalancing and bucket effect on business
  • · Decoupling of software and hardware, supporting heterogeneous deployment of physical devices to meet hardware device upgrade requirements in the future

Persistent Protection

  • · Reliable offering of three-site to achieve fault domain at datacenter-level and disaster recovery
  • · EC, replication, and fault domain mechanism ensure the overall data safety at node level, rack level and datacenter level
  • · Ensure the overall data safety transfer and access with encryption, multi-version, WORM and others
  • · Data reliability is 99.999999999% and service availability is 99.999%

Efficient Access

  • · Excellent distributed algorithms to maximize hardware performance and linearly-increased performance to meet performance growth needs in the future
  • · Packed small files improve the I/O performance of small files and better utilize the space
  • · Reasonable equalization algorithm helps realize equalized utilization of resources and greatly improves I/O performance

Smart Ecosystem

  • · A comprehensive ecosystem, compatible with legacy applications, cloud-native and data mining
  • · Data lifecycle management create value from mass unstructured data
  • · Leverage metadata, custom tags and other information to achieve elastic search and classification, supporting big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and custom data attributes

Typical Scenarios

High Concurrency of Small Files

Flat namespace with no performance choke by "directory tree", effectively improving the access efficiency to large files and easily realizing fast R/W and search of small files of 100-billion level

Backup and Archiving

Support Veeam, Veritas, Commvault and others to provide backup and archiving solutions

Radio, TV & Media

Feasible storage pool with on-demand scale-out capability to support streaming media which requires high scalability, high throughput and high availability storage for VOD, live telecast, news, etc.

AI, Big Data

Seamless connection to TensorFlow, Spark and Hadoop, supporting to customize storage with rich APIs and SDK

Use Cases