Mass, Efficient and Value-added Object Storage

Storage for mass unstructured data with no limit on scale and location

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Object Storage-Born for Mass Data

随着云、大数据、移动互联、社交网络的快速发展,企业信息化的非结构化数据呈现爆炸式的增长。 然而,面临数据激增的现状,原有分布式文件存储(Scale-out NAS)在海量小文件场景下的性能瓶颈、跨地域间的多地数据共享、 多层级文件夹访问、并发性能等限制都制约其无法适应用户的需求。选择更为合适的存储系统以及架构方式已成为企业数字化转型建 设中尤为重要的一环。

IDC: Data scale will reach 40ZB in 2020 and more than 163ZB in 2025.

对象存储是一种更简单、更灵活的数据存储解决方案,可为企业信息化建设提供经济实惠、综合全面的底层基础设施。 其可扩展的性能,先进的数据存储和管理功能,有效的消除了传统文件存储各种限制的同时,满足跨地域按需访问需求, 使企业可以更安全、更轻松的管理海量非结构化数据。


截止最新的 IDC《2020 Q4 China SDS Market Overview》报告显示,XSKY 名列中国对象存储市场第二, 在专业软件定义存储厂商中已经连续4年排名第一。拥有大量的客户案例和完善的企业级对象存储构建经验以及领先的技术特性。

China SDS Object Level Market Overview, 2020

来源:IDC 2020Q4 China SDS Market Overview

Product Value

XEOS (XSKY Enterprise Object Storage)builds a cost-effective storage architecture based on industry standard X86 servers with leading storage technology, which is infinitely scalable, continuously online and geographically accessible. It ensures data safety, meanwhile eliminating scale and geography restrictions, reducing the investment of enterprise IT construction and meeting the multi-sourced storage requirements generated by new business forms.


Infinite Scale

  • Eliminate scale and geography restrictions, provide a global namespace and integrate storage systems in different locations on demand to achieve near-read
  • The expansion of the entire pool enables business non-awareness with no change on the way the user invokes data, avoiding the negative impact of data rebalancing and bucket effect on business
  • Decoupling of software and hardware, supporting heterogeneous deployment of physical devices to meet hardware device upgrade requirements in the future

Persistent Protection

  • Reliable offering of three-site to achieve fault domain at datacenter-level and disaster recovery
  • EC、副本、故障域机制,保障节点级别、机柜级别、数据中心级别故障中数据的整体安全性;
  • 通过数据加密、多版本、WORM、防盗链、细粒度权限管控、日志审计等技术保证企业数据安全与合规要求;
  • 硬盘和网络亚健康处理,自动识别坏盘、慢盘和网络故障,并自动隔离。

Efficient Access

  • Excellent distributed algorithms to maximize hardware performance and linearly-increased performance to meet performance growth needs in the future
  • Packed small files improve the I/O performance of small files and better utilize the space
  • 合理的均衡算法,实现资源使用均衡化,大大提升系统整体的读写性能;
  • 数据按策略进行“热”、“温”、“冷”自动分层并流动,实现高效访问和成本最优。

Smart Ecosystem

  • 面向 S3 用户的图形化 Web 应用程序,帮助客户降低使用 XSKY 对象产品的门槛;
  • A comprehensive ecosystem, compatible with legacy applications, cloud-native and data mining
  • Data lifecycle management create value from mass unstructured data
  • Leverage metadata, custom tags and other information to achieve elastic search and classification, supporting big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and custom data attributes


  • 功能丰富,支持图片缩放、裁剪、格式转换、水印、旋转、质量调节等十几种图片处理功能;
  • 图片处理的全处理流程均在对象存储内部完成,减少业务端的交互逻辑,提高硬件资源利用率;
  • 灵活使用,支持 S3 API 、OSS SDK、AWS SDK、XSKY S3 Console 多种使用方式;
  • 灵活扩展,图片处理服务运行在每个对象存储网关上,灵活高并发负载的同时满足服务高可用。


  • 通过对象回源技术方案来满足存储纳管中的利旧数据访问需求。实现业务快速切换,减少用户新建存储投入成本;
  • 通过数据分层反向重建技术方案来解决存储纳管中的利旧存储需求,如利旧数据删除、更新等,降低企业整体投入成本;
  • 异构存储数据在线迁移,数据统一存储统一管理,降低多套存储运维复杂度及运维成本;
  • 满足第三方对象及文件存储利旧、传统存储架构转型、非结构化数据热迁移、存储数据 CDN 缓存加速等场景。

Typical Scenarios



Backup and Archiving


Small Files

Flat namespace with no performance choke by "directory tree", effectively improving the access efficiency to large files and easily realizing fast R/W and search of small files of 100-billion level

AI, Big Data

Seamless connection to TensorFlow, Spark and Hadoop, supporting to customize storage with rich APIs and SDK

Use Cases