Unified Storage with Distributed Architecture

Decoupling of hardware and software, offering file and block storage services with high performance and high reliability
Farewell to legacy architecture and hello to innovative datacenter

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User Requirements

A true unified storage solution is more than just a simple combination of block and file components, as today's data center applications and architectures are becoming more complicated. With the growth of enterprise business and the progress of digital transformation, traditional NAS+SAN solutions cannot cope with the ever-increasing demands of data storage and processing brought by complicated multi-virtualization and multi-application due to the following concerns:

  • How to achieve agility and stability when users need agile and easy-to-use storage for OpenStack while secure and reliable storage for virtualization?
  • How to ensure support of timely response to persistent volume and ecosystem of container?

Product Value

XEUS(XSKY Enterprise Unified Storage)is a unified storage product offered by XSKY, targeting at legacy architecture. XEUS provides file and block services with flexible SDS architecture, offering high-performance and unified solution with flexible scale-out, decoupling of hardware and software to users for key applications, file share and data archiving scenarios, such as multi-virtualization (VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V), VDI (Citrix Hypervisor), database (OLTP, OLAP) and others. The dedicated SSD accelerating engine helps solve the start-up storm under VDI scenario. Professional enterprise-level features, data protection and DR solutions ensure easy connection to legacy applications and allow users to experience the various value-added advantages of SDS as well as the advantages of SAN+NAS unified storage.



Based on XSKY SDS developing platform, ensuring perfect match to legacy applications and XSKY ecosystem


Seamless support of multi-virtualization and hybrid cloud, including VMware ESXi, Hyper-V and OpenStack


Seamless connection to container with CSI certificate


Unified Storage

  • Unified, persistent and high-performance file and block service platform with no performance choke, supporting both structured and unstructured data
  • Support multi-protocol including multi-path iSCSI, FC, FTP, CIFS, NFS, etc. to unlock business from legacy storage with simplified IT architecture
  • Support multi-scenario, such as multi-virtualization, multi-database and multi-container

Flexible Scale-out

  • Software-defined model supports customized node attributes and industry standard x86 servers without limits on brand
  • Scale ranges from 3-4096 nodes, coping with different business requirements
  • Scale out on-demand, presenting linear growth of performance and capacity as nodes added, meeting demands of performance and capacity as business grows

Rich Features of Enterprise-level

  • Data redundancy: replication and EC policies, fault domain at node, rack and DC level; smart cache which improves R/W performance; ROW snapshot, clone, automatic thin provisioning, LUN expansion and shrinkage on-the-fly, stretched cluster, copy, QoS and others
  • File gateway HA protection, AD and LDAP domain connection, local authentication and quota management
  • Realize data backup from private clouds to public clouds

Typical Scenarios


Meet storage demands of various virtualization platforms including VMware ESXi、Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Hypervisor with simplified storage architecture


Meet performance and storage demands of enterprise-level database such as OLTP Oracle RAC,SQL Server, MySQL and others, eliminating data islands to achieve flexible and in-control data resource pool.


Support container scenarios including K8s-based Rancher, OpenShift and so on, certified by CSI


Support file share, network disk, FTP and so on.

Use Cases


Compatible Container Vendors/Products