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Platform of High Performance to Manage Cross-protocol Data Flow

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Complete Unstructured Data Solution Required by Enterprises

According to IDC's "Rethink Data" report, only 32% of the data generated by enterprises in operation are utilized. Unstructured data contain a great deal of information, and unstructured data account for 80% of the data generated by enterprises, which is increasing rapidly at a compound annual rate of 60%. The management of massive unstructured data and tapping into their value has become a problem that plagues enterprises during their data management.
Unstructured data are organized in the form of files and objects. The method with files adopts a hierarchical architecture, which is more in line with human logic. Files can be frequently edited and modified for file sharing, video editing, high-performance analysis, etc. The method with objects adopts a flat structure, which is more machine-friendly. Objects are seldom modified and suitable for cloud native application, cloud resource pool, content release, etc. However, the scenarios where files and objects are used are not fixed. Most applications based on file storage can apply to object storage mode after being appropriately transformed. In addition, under scenarios of backup, archiving and big data analysis, either file storage mode or object storage mode can be adopted. Therefore, enterprises also possess cross-protocol capability for data flow to manage unstructured data uniformly and arrange resources reasonably.

Product Value

XUDS(XSKY Unstructured Data System)是 XSKY 星辰天合打造的一站式非结构化数据管理平台,采用软件定义的架构,支持 POSIX、NFS、SMB、FTP、S3、HDFS、CSI 等协议,让存储摆脱硬件和平台的限制,赋予了存储灵活敏捷的特性,形成对庞大非结构化数据的承载能力,这种承载能力是实现数据资产化坚实的基础。


Native High-performance Distributed File Service and Object Service

  • Support rich protocols, including S3, NFS, CIFS/SMB, POSIX, FTP, HDFS, CSI, etc. and inter-conversion between data of files and objects;
  • Provide object storage services with unlimited expansion, continuous online data, cross-regional access and intelligent hierarchical flow;
  • Provide ten billion-level distributed file services with global namespace, high performance and high scalability.

Flexible Scale-out

  • Software-defined and customizable node attributes with generic support for various brands of x86 servers;
  • Flexible deployment with capability of extension to thousands of nodes to meet different business needs;
  • Extension on demand, independent extension of file and storage services, and increase of performance and capacity with the number of nodes to meet the ever-increasing requirements of businesses for performance and capacity.

Persistent Protection

  • Reliable offering of three-site to achieve fault domain at datacenter-level and disaster recovery
  • EC, replica and fault domain mechanisms protect the overall security of data from node level, rack level and data center level failures;
  • Protect the security of enterprise data and ensure compliance with requirements using data encryption, multi-version, WORM, anti-theft chain, fine-grained authority control, log audit and other technologies;
  • Support file or directory level snapshot, manual snapshot and timing snapshot;
  • Treatment of sub-health of hard disk and network, and automatic identification of bad disk, slow disk and network failures with automatic isolation.

Perfect Unstructured Data Management

  • Support data replication, RPO in minutes, and disaster-tolerance switching. Support data verification to ensure the consistency of replicated data;
  • Support data migration and multi-directory concurrency with high performance;
  • Built-in data backup function with support for thousands of recovery points, and RPO re-deletion and encryption in hours
  • Support data archiving with various archiving strategies, and reconfirmation of archived data before deletion for higher security
  • One-click jump to XSKY S3 Console to create buckets for object storage, upload and download files, search for object attributes, and perform other management tasks.

Typical Scenarios

File Sharing and Enterprise Office Storage

Easy to use with global namespace. Support file sharing, network disk and other office scenarios

Video Surveillance Storage

Scale-out, rolling upgrade, and permanent preservation of data.

Big Data and Back-end HPC Storage

Compatible with HDFS and efficient metadata processing mechanism for flexible response to AI/ML data analysis requirements.

Container for Shared Storage

Support CSI interface and multiple PODs to share data

Archive Backup

内置 X3DS(XSKY 星辰天合立体数据管理系统)和 ODPF(开放数据保护框架),同时无缝对接多种备份软件,提供整体的备份、归档解决方案。

Enterprise Data Lake Base

Rich interface protocols with capability of extension to thousands of nodes

Mass Data Storage and High Concurrent Access

Excellent data reading & writing and load balancing functions meet the needs of mass data and high concurrent access.


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