What We Do

We are not re-inventing cycle. XSKY products and solutions are mainly based on Ceph, which is #1 open-source software-defined-storage system in this planet. Leveraging open-source growth model and innovation vitality, continuous infrastructural compatibility and interactivity are guaranteed. End user will get a non-locked-in solution and investments are protected. Based on open-source, XSKY adds on enterprise-ready interfaces and 24*7 maintenance capability to generic Ceph, helps customer reduce total cost of ownership and solve the dilemma of data expansion versus budget restriction.

Challenges of Enterprise IT

Mobile internet, big data and cloud computing are drivers of modern enterprise information technology development. Traditional storage appliances cannot fulfill the requirements of volume booming, linear scalability, and automatical maintenance.

Cost Too High

Cost Too High

Proprietary storage appliances cannot provide customer an economic $/GB in rapid data expansion situation.

Scalability Limited

Scalability Limited

2~8 controllers based storage architecture limits aggregating bandwidth for internet and cloud application.

Complex Maintenance

Complex Maintenance

Traditional RAID technology is with slow data rebuilding, performance down-grading. Hard to maintain in large scale deployments.

Benefits We Provide

Outstanding Performance

Aggregating hundreds of thousands of IOPS with stable response time, adapting to various application scenarios.


On-demand scale-out, supporting business growth and workload peak easily.


Multiple copies of data or Erasure-coding, with snapshot backup solution, ensuring no data loss.


Built-in automatic DevOps for products, enabling easy trouble-shooting.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce CapEx and OpEx up to 40% compared to traditional storage appliance.

Routing to Big-data

Compatible with HadoopFS, responding to data value waves agily.

XSKY provides enterprise-level scale-out storage solutions with high performance, high reliability and high scalability. In the mean time we help customer reduce TCO.


Simple and clear operations to create resources, manage resources, and monitor the system.